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Prospero: 8 Great Reasons

8 Great Reasons to move to Prospero® as your Budgeting and Financial Reporting solution!


1. As members of the original Microsoft FRx and Forecaster development, support and professional services teams, we’ve designed Prospero with an understanding of your current software investment. Our years of financial reporting and budgeting experience make us uniquely qualified to help you navigate the challenges of replacing your financial systems solution.

2. Prospero Budgeting provides a powerful budgeting and planning solution that is fully-integrated with our sophisticated Prospero Financial Reporting.

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Only the MSX Group offers comprehensive FRx-to-Prospero and Management Reporter-to-Prospero report conversion saving you time and money.

4. Prospero includes a host of maintenance-saving tools, including export to Excel and PDF. Creating new, dynamic reports is as easy as changing the date, and within Prospero, you can publish reports to preserve a “snapshot-in-time” of your report and its data.

5. MSX Group Prospero uses simple, yet powerful, building block elements for creating sophisticated budgets and forecasts and boardroom-ready reports, charts and graphs. You’re up-and-running quickly, accessing underlying report data via drill-down to transaction-level detail, and easily creating budgets for analyzing your organization’s performance.

6. Our robust and straightforward Prospero security allows you – not IT – to control who has access to your budgets, reports and data.

7. Prospero integrates with a host of commonly-used General Ledgers – including Microsoft GP – and we’re adding support for additional GLs every day. Best of all, integrating your GL data is a straightforward process utilizing our familiar and user-friendly interface.

8. MSX Group Prospero integrates directly with your General Ledger, while also allowing you to bring data in from other data sources such as Microsoft Forecaster and Excel.


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